Bulk Insert Operations into database using query

We can insert bulk  operations into table on database using the following query.

The bulk data is inserted through any external files like (.csv,.doc,.xls etc).

The following example shows bulk insert operations through comma separated value (.csv) file.


bulk insert <table-name>
from ‘csv file path’
( fieldterminator=’,’,              // In csv file fieldterminator is camma { , }  
rowterminator=’\n’                // Rowterminator is new line { \n } 


bulk insert emp
from ‘D:\bulkinsert.csv’
( fieldterminator=’,’,


Note: When we insert bulk operations on table into database, first we need to create .csv file on desired path.

The above example in D drive bulkinsert.csv  file must be available. { D:\bulkinsert.csv }.


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