DBCC LOGINFO Command in SQL Server

The full form of DBCC is Database Console Commands.

The dbcc loginfo commands tells that how many VLFS(Virtual Log Files) are created in our database.

The number of  VLF’S are created based on the size of log file(.ldf).

Basically how many number of  VLF’S are created it depends on the following simple algorithm. The logic behind that algorithm is,

  1. If log file size <=1MB                           ——-> 2 VLFS are created.
  2. If log file size > 1MB and <=64MB   ——-> 4 VLFS are created.
  3. If log file size >64 MB and <=1GB   ——–> 8 VLFS are created.
  4. if log file size >1GB                              ——–>16 VLFS are created.


The following screenshot it will clearly tells how many number of VLFS are created on particular database.dbcc_loginfo




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