What is Cumulative Update (CU)in SQL Server?

What is CU in SQL Server?

  • Cumulative Update (CU) is a collection of Hot fixes.
  • CU is released after Service Pack (SP) only.
  • After SP was released in SQL Server, we can find any bugs, immediately fixed and released as Cumulative Update (CU). { CU1,CU2,CU3, etc. }
  • The CU was released based on KB Number series in SQL Server.

For Example:

Product Version          Latest Service Pack               Latest Cumulative Update
SQL Server 2016         SP1 (KB 3182545)                    CU 1 (KB 3208177)
SQL Server 2016                 N/A                     CU 4 (KB 3205052)
SQL Server 2014         SP2 (KB 3171021)                     CU 3 (KB 3204388)
SQL Server 2014         SP1 (KB 3058865)                     CU 10 (KB 3204399)

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