How to Connect Locally SQL Server 2017 from Linux Ubuntu OS

After Installation of SQL Server 2017 on your machine, how connect to new SQL Server Instance from local machine. Open command prompt or terminal and type the fallowing command. Run  “sqlcmd” with following options.   Syntax:                             sqlcmd   -S   localhost   -U   SA   -P  ‘<U R Password>’ Parameters: -S  –> Specify your server name […]

How to Install SQL Server 2017 on Ubuntu Linux OS.

SQL Server 2017 step by step Installation on Ubuntu Linux OS. Step 1: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install  -y  mssql-server Step 2: sudo  /opt/mssql/bin/mssql-conf   setup After run this command first choose the type of edition (enterprise edition,developer edition, express edition,evaluation edition, etc..). second choose language setting and finally specify the SA password. Step 3: […]