What is Fill factor in SQL Server ?

Fill Factor: The fill factor is “how much percentage of space is filled by data on a page”. By default fill factor value is –>0 which is equal to–>100% The fill-factor option is provided for fine-tuning index data storage and performance. When an index is created or rebuilt, the fill-factor value determines the percentage of […]

What is Fragmentation in SQL Server ?

Fragmentation: The empty spaces was found in a page, then that empty page is called “fragmentation”. The empty spaces were formed when huge modifications/deletions happen on a index (internally in a table). Fragmentation will impact performance of queries, because those empty spaces occupy variant space for no reason and are not utilized.

What is B-Tree ?

B-Tree  is a data structure which holds the organized data in a organized tree manner. B-Tree contains the  Root node  Intermediate Nodes Leaf Nodes(where actual data might be linked/present). Index Key: Index key is a key that contains the location specific of the data selected in the table. Index keys present at the leaf node […]